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Publicity and Media Relations

In addition to our signature Publications Program, we specialize in effective publicity, media relations, and crisis management. Meyerowitz Communications Inc. will help to ensure that the world knows how well your firm is doing! The idea is to get your firm's name out to prospective clients as often and in the most positive ways possible. An organized program of press releases about notable accomplishments and representations, and articles and columns placed in newspapers, magazines, Internet media, and on radio and television, will provide needed visibility for your firm.  

We at Meyerowitz Communications Inc. also want your firm to become the go-to firm when the press needs expert opinion and quotes on issues of the day. When seeing your firm's name, or your attorneys' names, in the press, your clients will be proud of their association with the experts in the field, and will have their decisions to retain you confirmed again and again; moreover, prospective clients will know who to call when they need expert representation, too.  There is truly great power in the pen.

And, while we hope that your firm never faces a crisis that threatens your reputation, it is even more important to manage public perception during tumultuous times. A well-managed press campaign can make all the difference. Meyerowitz Communications Inc. will help you to shape your public image, in good times and bad.  

A proactive, well-organized press campaign and the cultivation of positive media relations will bring clients to your door.

Press Campaigns:

  • Routine press releases and announcements;
  • Cultivation of relationships with editors and reporters;
  • Proactive placement of information;
  • Consistent contact with the media;
  • Responding appropriately to press inquiries; and
  • Crisis management.


  • Articles and stories in newspapers, magazines, Internet media, and on radio and television provide visibility;
  • Positive stories enable a firm to project expertise and build reputation;
  • Press coverage is highly credible to readers and viewers;
  • Potential clients learn about your firm; and
  • Reporters and editors will seek out people at your firm for quotes/opinions on matters in the news.

We invite you to examine our articles on publicity and media relations for law firms.

Please feel free to contact Meyerowitz Communications Inc. at smeyerowitz@meyerowitzcommunications.com for more information about how engaging our services to develop a Publications Program can benefit your firm.