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Communication is a key to success in any relationship; the business relationship is no exception. Since the day your firm opened its doors, it has been cultivating client relationships in myriad ways, using all forms of communications: in person meetings, phone calls, letters, and legal memoranda. It is likely that you have a database of hundreds or thousands of current and former clients, and potential clients, who would welcome receiving professionally drafted, informative, and timely newsletters and alerts keeping them apprised of developments in their industries and in the legal world. In today's marketing environment, Meyerowitz Communications Inc. has found that the effective utilization of newsletters (discussing timely and topical legal and business developments as well as news about the firm) and client alerts (covering a single, breaking topic) is an essential component of a successful Publications Program.

Why? Nothing demonstrates your firm's commitment to keeping apprised of legal developments as a Publications Program that includes regularly scheduled delivery of newsletters and timely client alerts. Remind your current and former clients that your firm is open for business, and attract new clients with the effective targeted delivery (via email and/or in print) of your firm's message. In addition, these publications can be posted to your firm's Web site, so visitors there can appreciate the depth and breadth of your knowledge, practice areas, and commitment to educating your clients.  

Meyerowitz Communications Inc. can assist you in creating these vitally important communication tools. We not only excel in writing these materials, but we help firms strike a balance between too much or too little information and legalese for the layperson. We will help you get the composition and content of your newsletters and client alerts just right.

Well-written newsletters and client alerts will bring clients to your door, and help keep existing clients loyal to your firm.

Types of Newsletters and Client Alerts We Provide:

  • General newsletters and client alerts on timely matters of interest, and late breaking legal developments;
  • Targeted newsletters on specific subjects;
  • In-house newsletters for all staff describing matters your firm is handling and recent victories;
  • Subscription newsletters; and
  • Memoranda or bulletins to clients and other informational publications.


  • Demonstrate your firm's commitment to keeping apprised of developments in the law as they happen; 
  • Provide regular contact with clients and others on your firm's mailing list;
  • Project experience and enhance your firm's reputation;
  • A newsletter is a professional and ethical marketing tool;
  • Informational materials help explain laws and regulations to clients and potential clients;
  • Low cost; and
  • Helps all staff understand your firm's practice and achievements, which should stimulate cross-selling.

We invite you to examine our articles on newsletters and client alerts.

Please feel free to contact Meyerowitz Communications Inc. at smeyerowitz@meyerowitzcommunications.com for more information about how engaging our services for the writing of newsletters and client alerts can benefit your firm.