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Brochures and Descriptive Materials

In this world of e-commerce, it is easy to lose sight of the power of visually interesting, informative, high-quality brochures and other descriptive materials in shaping a firm's public image. Meyerowitz Communications Inc. has been preparing brochures and other supporting materials - both in print and online - for law firms for over two decades.

Clients can leave your office with a business card only, but imagine them taking along a packet of professionally prepared materials that highlight your capabilities, expertise, and accomplishments, reinforcing the positive impression you made in the meeting. The attorneys we serve are proud to distribute their firm's brochures at client meetings, conferences, speaking engagements, and in direct mail marketing.   

In addition, working in close consultation with our clients, Meyerowitz Communications Inc. drafts business proposals and responses to requests for proposals that present your firm and attorneys in the best possible light. Similarly, in order to attract top legal talent, we prepare recruiting brochures describing why those lawyers should consider becoming a part of your firm. Brochures and other descriptive print media can be posted on your firm's Web site for even greater exposure.

Brochures and descriptive print materials will bring clients to your door.

Types of Brochures and Print Materials We Provide:

  • Firm-wide brochure;
  • Practice area brochures;
  • Capability pieces;
  • Recruiting brochure;
  • Firm resumes;
  • Informational pieces;
  • Specific new business proposals; and
  • Responses to requests for proposals.


  • Brochures serve as a “leave-behind” for potential new clients after meeting;
  • Brochures help shape your firm's image;
  • Brochures cross-sell existing clients on other services your firm provides; and
  • Major firms now have brochures.

Our articles on brochures and similar materials are available for you here.

Please feel free to contact Meyerowitz Communications Inc. at smeyerowitz@meyerowitzcommunications.com for more information about how engaging our services for the design and writing of your brochures and descriptive print materials can benefit your firm.