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In addition to providing customized, effective Publications Programs to law firms, Mr. Meyerowitz is a nationally renowned, highly respected, and astute Editor of numerous law journals and other publications. Mr. Meyerowitz is in great demand for his keen editorial judgment, ability to obtain content for a wide variety of journals, books, and trade publications, dedication to meeting deadlines, and exceeding the expectations of the clients he proudly serves.

Simply put, Mr. Meyerowitz and his firm are available for all your editing needs.

Are you a lawyer or law firm seeking first-rate editing services for a major memorandum, journal article, or book? Do you need legal cases or regulations analyzed, compiled, or synopsized in the form of your choosing?

Are you a publishing company desirous of starting a new law or business journal or compendium of laws or regulations? Are you seeking more economical ways of having your existing products revamped, managed, marketed, and edited?

Or perhaps you are a business possessing a vast trove of information you would like edited and repackaged to meet new business objectives.

No matter your editing needs, Meyerowitz Communications Inc. is here to provide capable, effective, and efficient editing and writing services.

We invite you to examine the list of publications for which Mr. Meyerowitz serves as Editor-in Chief as well some of the articles Mr. Meyerowitz and Ms. Spears have written for legal journals to sample the quality of our written work.

Please feel free to contact Meyerowitz Communications Inc. at smeyerowitz@meyerowitzcommunications.com for more information about how engaging our services for your editing needs can benefit your organization.