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Marketing Materials

Web Site Content

• Types of Web Site Content:

  • Client alerts;
  • Newsletters;
  • Bylined articles written and placed in major legal publications and other publications, posted with permission on your Web site;
  • Practice descriptions;
  • Attorney and support staff biographies;
  • Mission statement;
  • Firm history;
  • Catch phrases and slogans; and
  • Career opportunities descriptions.

• Benefits:

  • Increase visits to your Web site with effective marketing materials;
  • Impress potential clients with your knowledge and timely professional presentation of the latest legal developments;
  • Keep existing clients informed of how changes in the law will affect their businesses;
  • Demonstrate your firm's expertise with timely publication and placement of bylined articles in well regarded legal publications;
  • Highlight the accomplishments and capabilities of your attorneys;
  • Broad exposure;
  • Attract top legal and paraprofessional talent; and 
  • Reach clients in need of services in your areas of specialty.

Brochures and Descriptive Materials

• Types of Brochures:

  • Firm-wide brochure;
  • Practice area brochures;
  • Capability pieces;
  • Recruiting brochure;
  • Firm resumes;
  • Informational pieces;
  • Specific new business proposals; and
  • Responses to requests for proposals.

• Benefits:

  • Brochures serve as a “leave-behind” for potential new clients after meeting;
  • Brochures help shape your firm's image;
  • Brochures cross-sell existing clients on other services your firm provides; and
  • Major firms now utilize brochures as part of their marketing plans.

Social Networking

• Types of Social Media Materials:

  • Written guidance on the best uses of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites and blogs for your business;
  • Social networking home page content;
  • Response materials; and
  • Blog postings.

• Benefits:

  • Tap into networks hundreds of millions strong;
  • Market to a virtually limitless base of potential clients in a cost effective manner;
  • Be seen as a 21st Century law firm;
  • Establish your presence among the top firms in the nation;
  • Be connected to your clients;
  • Get more traffic to your Web site; and 
  • Build relationships worldwide.

Publicity and Media Relations

• Press Campaigns typically consist of:

  • Routine press releases and announcements;
  • Cultivation of relationships with editors and reporters;
  • Proactive placement of information;
  • Consistent contact with the media;
  • Responding appropriately to press inquiries; and
  • Crisis management.

• Benefits:

  • Articles and stories by and about your firm and attorneys published in  newspapers, magazines, Internet media, and on radio and television provide visibility;
  • Positive stories enable a firm to project expertise and build reputation;
  • Press coverage is highly credible to readers and viewers;
  • Potential clients learn about your firm; and
  • Reporters and editors will seek out people at your firm for quotes/opinions on matters in the news.

Please feel free to contact Meyerowitz Communications Inc. at smeyerowitz@meyerowitzcommunications.com for more information about how employing these marketing materials can grow your practice.