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Bylined Articles

Since the first attorney hung out a shingle, attorneys have been known for their ability to communicate. Words are the art and craft of the lawyer. Attorneys write legislation, court decisions, motions, memoranda of law, and articles analyzing legal developments, and even shaping the discourse on evolving issues in the law. A lawyer's capabilities are often judged by the extent of his or her legal knowledge, and the ability to convey it in words.

One of the most effective components of a Publications Program is therefore the writing and placement of bylined articles. We at Meyerowitz Communications Inc. specialize in assisting attorneys in their efforts to showcase their knowledge, and to reach the largest possible, targeted audience. Bylined articles on timely legal issues, usually offering in-depth coverage of a topic or topics, well-placed in trade publications, journals, periodicals, law reviews, and newspapers, will showcase the expertise your attorneys have spent years cultivating.

One of the things we do best is help attorneys effectively convey their legal knowledge in words with the least possible distraction from their daily work. Meyerowitz Communications Inc. can place articles written by your attorneys, or, if time is at a premium, as it often is, we can assist your attorneys in the conceptualization, research, writing, and polishing of highly analytical, informative, exceptionally well-written, publication-ready articles your law firm can be proud of – and your clients (and prospective clients) – will highly regard.

Bylined articles will bring clients to your door.

Articles By Your Attorneys Can Be Published In:

  • Trade and industry publications;
  • General interest periodicals;
  • Newspapers; and
  • Law journals and law reviews.


  • A traditional method of new client development;
  • Demonstrates that the author is an expert in the area the article covers;
  • Provides important reprint value;
  • A way to target specific categories of potential clients; and
  • Enhances firm Web site content.

Meyerowitz Communications has helped lawyers and other professionals write and place bylined articles in a wide range of publications, including:

  • AHA News
  • AMA News
  • American Banker
  • American Lawyer
  • Bankers Magazine
  • Banking Law Journal
  • Banking Law Review
  • Banking Outlook
  • Bankruptcy Law Review
  • Barron's
  • Better Health & Living Magazine
  • Business Insurance
  • Canadian Insurance Magazine
  • Cashflow Magazine
  • Commercial Lending Review
  • Corporate Counselor
  • Corporate Finance
  • Crain's New York Business
  • Creditors Workout Strategies
  • Directorship
  • Dun's Business Month
  • EFT Press Alert
  • Employee Benefit Plan Review
  • Employee Relations Law Journal
  • Financial Executive Magazine
  • Financial Fraud Law Report
  • Hauppauge Reporter
  • Healthcare PR & Marketing News
  • Illinois Banker
  • International Legal Strategy
  • Independent Banker
  • Institutional Investor Middle   Market Forum
  • Insurance Advocate
  • Intellectual Property & Technology Law Journal
  • International Financial Law Review
  • Issues In Bank Regulation
  • Journal of Bankruptcy Law
  • Journal of Commerce
  • Journal Of Commercial Lending
  • Journal of Payment Systems Law
  • Journal of Proprietary Rights
  • Legal Audit Review
  • LIA News
  • Litigation And Technology Management Report
  • Litigation Management & Economics
  • Long Island Business News
  • Long Island  Magazine
  • Los Angeles Daily Journal
  • Managed Care Week
  • Marketing For Lawyers
  • Marketing Management
  • National Law Journal
  • New York Law Journal
  • New York Times
  • Newsday
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Pollution Engineering
  • Practical Lawyer
  • Privacy & Data Security Law Journal
  • Privacy & Data Security Law Review
  • Private Banking Magazine
  • Privileged Information
  • Public Utilities Fortnightly
  • Real Estate Finance
  • Real Estate Finance Journal
  • Real Estate Forum
  • Real Estate Law Journal
  • Real Estate Weekly
  • Real Estate Workouts & Asset Management
  • Review of Banking & Financial Services
  • Revolutionizing Litigation Management Report
  • Risk & Insurance
  • Securities Reg. Law Journal
  • U.C.C. Law Journal
  • Washington Post
  • White Collar Crime Reporter

We invite you to examine our articles on the benefit of bylined articles by lawyers and law firms.

Please feel free to contact Meyerowitz Communications Inc. at smeyerowitz@meyerowitzcommunications.com for more information about how engaging our services for the writing and placement of your bylined articles can benefit your firm.