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Publications Program

For more than two decades, Meyerowitz Communications Inc. has been assisting lawyers and law firms in their efforts to grow their practices. We know what works. Bylined articles, newsletters, client alerts, brochures, Web site content, social media, press campaigns, and other materials about your law firm are the primary tools of an effective Publications Program. Using these methods to communicate regularly with clients, potential clients, contacts, and friends of the firm can be the best way of developing new business.

The Publications Program Meyerowitz Communications Inc. can create with you will be tuned to your existing marketing plan or to one that we can help develop.  We:

  • Assist lawyers in writing and placing their bylined articles in trade publications, law journals, magazines, and newspapers;
  • Write and prepare law firm newsletters and client alerts;
  • Help law firms or departments in law firms prepare brochures, capability pieces, new business proposals, and responses to request for proposals;
  • Create Web site content; and
  • Develop and implement publicity campaigns.

In addition, Meyerowitz Communications Inc. provides services in the following areas:  development of individual and departmental marketing plans; in-house marketing and communications training for lawyers; and client seminars.

Meyerowitz Communications is dedicated to helping law firms reach their marketing goals using as little as possible of their most valuable asset - their lawyers' time.

Goals of a Publications Program

A well-integrated Meyerowitz Communications Inc. Publications Program consisting of bylined articles, newsletters, press releases, brochures, Web site content, social media, and other descriptive materials can help your law firm:

  • Reach potential new clients;
  • Cross-sell services to existing clients;
  • Maintain contact with key networks;
  • Alert the media to your firm's areas of practice;
  • Increase your firm's name recognition and enhance its reputation;
  • Stimulate referrals;
  • Compete with other firms' marketing practices;
  • Provide valuable information to clients;
  • Develop a marketing atmosphere, while limiting the amount of your lawyers'  time that is expended; and
  • Position yourself for the future and for future growth.

We can develop, implement, and maintain a customized Publications Program that is tailored to your firm's needs, objectives, and resources.

We invite you to examine our articles on marketing to sample the quality of our written work.

Please feel free to contact Meyerowitz Communications Inc. at smeyerowitz@meyerowitzcommunications.com for more information about how engaging our services to develop a Publications Program can benefit your firm.